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Not that I am a habitual speeder, but at 57 years old I have taken my share of Defensive Driving courses, both in person and via the Web. Well this time I was lucky enough to choose Texas Defensive Driving School from the list on the TEA website…

Ted A.

No one is a fan of spending 6 hours taking an online course after getting a ticket. But I have to say I enjoyed this one. Randy and Gary who present the material did a great job. They prepared nice personalized video segments that gave a…

Scott M.

Grapevine, TX
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The course was easy to follow and very informative. The presentation is professional and when I had a technical problem Gary answered the phone quickly, was courteous and was able to fix the technical problem in a very short amount…

Suzanne D.

Fort Worth, TX
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Quick and Easy Online Defensive Driving Course based in the Heart of Texas!

Searching online to dismiss your Texas traffic moving violation quick? Are you searching for a reputable and quality video course that is not only affordable but is entertaining as well?

Texas Online Defensive Driving Course is Easy, it’s Fast, and it’s Fun! Based in San Angelo, TX, Gary and Randy Hensley have developed a Texas Traffic Ticket dismissal program approved by the TEA/TDLR that users are raving about! “There is no better online Defensive Driving Course out there, specifically for Texans.”

There are plenty of sites you can visit, courses you can take, and programs you can get involved in. After all, we’re in Texas… we’re huge! But our users continue to tell us, for the Best Online Defensive Driving Course in the state of Texas, choose Texdds.com!

After all, with 30 years of experience teaching and training students in Texas to become safer drivers, we have the experience and expertise that you are looking for! Texas Defensive Driving doesn’t have to be a burden; instead, it is exactly what you need to dismiss your Texas Traffic Ticket quickly and affordably.

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